From the Dust of Ruins and the Bones of Antiquity are Heroes Reborn.

Come, lads, as we smoke our pipes beside the fire, and let us keep in mind those who have sacrificed much to bring us these tales we recount. Let us remember the deeds of past heroes with admiration and humility. For those brave pathfinders did show courage and skill, and to our ears their tales did tell. Barkeep, bring another round for we will recount those tales this evening, and our throats are dry.


Herein lies the reckoning of how the heroes came to be and how they came to be together. See the Character Backgrounds for the knowledge of their beginnings. We already know of their personal journals and songs, as preserved in the great Pathfinder Society archives in Absolom, but instead let us talk of the unwritten tales. The story as known by those who were fortunate enough to witness their heroic journey.

We all know the story started during their voyage on the ship called the Jenivere.

The Fire Within

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