The Fire Within

Victoria's Ponderings

Got a note from some bloke, Dargin Etters. Wants to meet me. No idea why.

Continuing to hang out at the Inn with Aten, waiting on the others. Picking up some odd jobs here and there.

Sasha’s in a bit of a bind. Somethng about Saventh Yhi and Red Mantis Society who have kidnapped her mother. She wants us to lead the expedition to find the final location of the Savenh Yhi. She has some information about this long lost city that is fabled to be full of treasure.

Went to the address on the note from Etters. Some office in a warehouse. Dunno why the guy thought I’d drag everyone there to meet with him together, but he did. Seems as though Ishirou told him about us. Nice guy, giving us such a reference. They need a sort of guard to lead an expedition to recover and control some ancient ruins. The trick is that the location of the ruins is not exactly well known and the area is potentially dangerous – maybe even hazardous. He’s offering scrolls, potions, etc from their stock (up to 500 gp worth). Name of the place is Saventh Yhi. We’d be working for some trade consortium that specializes in trading with native peoples.

Looks like this Saventh Yhi place is pretty popular.

Things as best as I can remember
And that's not saying much

Let’s see… Oh yeah. A couple days ago, we were all chillin’ at the sugah shack (which has no sugar ): ) with our new bud (didn’t get his name, but he was one of the cannibals) and some of these cannibal dudes were totally jelly of us, so they attacked us and stole him. And just because they’re jerks, they stole all our other lazy friends too! So of course we got to go chase them down, and we did despite it being the middle of the night and everyone being sick and stuff.

So several traps later we’re hours down the road, deep in the jungle when we hear something coming. So we hop in a bush (an, as time would tell, always bad plan) and sort of ambush more of these cannibal dudes! We… kind of hide them? And then we keep going! Because we got people to save, right? And there we get! An old lighthouse, a bunch of half naked dudes and some skeletons. While we’re sneaking up, I get this plan in my head “We should totes release those skeletons on the dudes!” So we hop into a bush, and it doesn’t work, because we hopped into a bush AND ANYTHING AFTER THAT NEVER WORKS.

So we have to fight all these dudes, and we get all the ones that were there, but me and Fo-Bozzli were zonked out from all our heroic manuvers that were faulty and foolhardy, but that’s why they were epic. And then to awake dudes hear some more naked dudes up the road and grab us little people and bolt. Then we all take some kind of magic nap and get some new stuff. We should do that more.

So, we all feeling tight and fresh the next day and I’m like “We still got to save the dudes! So we go back to the lighthouse camp and sneak through the bushes (note that this was not hiding in the bushes) and then we kick all their scantly clad butts! Yeah. Then we saved all the dudes, examined the camp, got some loot and found a hole. First thing we think to do is go in, so we do. And good thing! There were weird zombie-things down there, as well as a mama-ghoul and some kind of ruined temple place where we found the undead captain of the boat me and the Vik-mister showed up on, and we put him down. And then someone (not me, I wouldn’t touch a dead-undead body. Gross) found some kind of note that told us it was the captain (opps, ruined the surprise) and it had some really important stuff! Like that the woman we thought he had eloped with was actually a terrible person and probably made all the ghoulies and stuff. And inside the temple thing, which had its doors totally blown up with some hardcore magics, had some kind of inscription that we later deciphered and it had a serious-fro-beerious ritual on it.

Then everyone’s like We gotta stop this b-nasty before she can be nasty so we rushed over to the scary mountain that has all the lightning strikes and cross a bridge. For some reason we thought it was going to be much worse than it actually was. Then we get to an alter thing, kill a goat sucker (that was suspiciously not sucking goats) and we totally stole all his sweet loot. It was sweet. Then we investigated the rest of the mountain, but decided to go back to the altar place because it was interesting and where the footprint trail ended (duuuuh). At the shore! So we went in there, and almost got eaten by sharks. BUT INSTEAD WE ATE THEM.

I forgot the rest.

Then here we are at the now!

So its been awhile
But we had our hands full

Let’s start with the spore demon. I mean what the heck? Sure we’ve seen some spooky and weird things like skeletons, giant snakes and watery skeletons, but Plant Skeletons? I have a feeling this whole place is kinda spooky. Wonder if it has anything to do with that spooky island. Some dude from a journal would agree, but we haven’t gotten there yet.
So the spore demon: Its all like “I be make you zombieeeeezzzzzz,” and we’re all “Nope.” I mean, ShozzliTheBozzli did get pretty sick because he thought eating flowers was a good idea (talking to too many cows I guess), and Dwarface did get some tentacles all up in him (he still wasn’t feeling well from the whole goo ghouls either, poor dude), but yeah, we took that thing and all its people zombies DOWN. Yeah. We were feeling pretty good about that. And why were there in the first place? Boggliz wanted to explore more of the island in case we missed anything. Well? We did. And we were lucky. Stupid gnomes and their stupid gnome noses sniffing out things they shouldn’t.

Anyway. We slept on the shore in some little shanties. No water guy looking for Ishimara. Guess that’s fine, though I’d like to get the whole thing over with.

Next day, despite everyone (but me. Picture o’ health I am) feeling a little ill, we head west! Along the shore, following trouble. Didn’t you just- No. Hush. It led us through the jungle a little south, and then we hit a road. The wind went along with it, so we followed. Then I stepped on a trap, and it flew me off into a tree. Real mean thing. Maybe you should pay more attention. We did after that! I mean, no one wants to get thrown into spikes. Or hauled up to be eaten like Vikkie.

Oh yeah, Victoria gets into a trap on accident while she was trying to disarm it and gets pulled up a cliff (oh yeah, there was these big cliff walls because we were in some kinda thing. I dunno) and all us men types are all “Hoo-rah” And climb the cliff after her. No-tongue shoots some flaming arrows at a guy’s house. None of us felt bad because he was trying to eat Vikkie, who ended up just clobbering the dude. So we took him hostage. Then we found another house, and it turned out these people were cannibals. Eww. Such detestable creatures. You are free to slaughter the lot. Oh, that, um…

So anyways, turns out there’s this whole conspiracy and a woman who took control of the natives and they all went to the spooky island (maybe it was a cool place to begin with) and started messin’ round with the dark arts and that’s probably why there’s all the undead! Too many bad vibes. Oh, a book told us this. We weren’t clever enough to figure it out on our own. Shrug.

lessons learned

We decided on checking out more of the island. Bogliwig got all heroic and led the way. The halfling got his sarcastic on.

Coming to the edge of a clearing, the local flora appear to be yellowed and dying. Zombie plants? There’s definitely something not quite right about the plant – something not quite plant like about it. Bogliwig (ever intelligent) ate some of one of these things and got sprayed with pollen. (these are yellow musk zombies). After killing a few zombies, Borin walks just a wee bit too close to the momma plant and gets brain tendriled (and got less smart). Victoria retrieved her daggers and found a sapphire gem. But then she didn’t feel so well, kinda like Bogliwig.

We wandered around the beach for a while, found a few shelters and a few more zombies who were dispached without significant issue (ie an all out encounter). We decided to make camp. With five 90 minute watches. And Aten is taking the witching hour watch.

Funky little shack

So we did some more exploring of the island. We found a shack we teeth stuck in the wall. We found another boat wreck and explored it. We decided to move camp to the shack site. Borin was on watch and some weird ghost thing followed him back to camp. Luckily we managed to wake up to face this new threat. After trying unsuccessfully trying to communicate with the ghost thing we then attack and destroyed it. I had some difficulty going back to sleep after that.

In the morning Victoria told us about a treasure map. So as it is a TREASURE map, we decided to go and find out what great treasure this is to find. After digging for a bit we found a dwarf skeleton. After some more digging we found that the hill area was actually dirt on top of wood. Borin decided to break through the wood but was smart enough to use a rope in case the drop was far. The entire pit we dug collapsed under us from the mighty blow of Borins axe. Borin, Alten, and I are now all on a rope dangling in a dark pit with some kind of undead sloshing in the darkness below.

Everybody Does Something

So yeah, we beat those crabfaces, then were all like “oh no, its raining” and run back to camp with our new food stores. Then the dwarf is all “you know what would be real good with this crab? Meeeeead.” So he went to go look for honey. Turns out he found it. After me and Mr.Mime nearly burned down the whole jungle. Got me some berries too! All the smoke helped the dwarf with his bee problem. That and punching beehives. Apparently the best way to get honey.

Oh, then we decide to leave and make a new camp down south, because all the smoke and the lingering smell of pyromancy. You should probably get used to that. Aww… Anyways, turns out that in the next cove, there’s this huuuuuge crusty ship with a devily looking thing on the outside of it. And of course we’re all, “hey, let’s explore it!” and that’s usually when the skeletons pop out. No skeletons. Other than, you know, a dead one. It amazes me that you think a dead skeleton isn’t normal. You try getting jumped by every single dead crew we’ve ever come across. I… I have. I’ve been here with you the whole time. Even when that one stabbed you. Not talking about that. Talking about how he had some kinda coffer thing in his hands, and the paperwork we foun that ended up being important to that Jask guy.

So me and the other halfling return to camp while the otehrs try to dismantle the brass mantle. Later Vicky opens up the coffer, and there’s a cool knife inside! Yeah. Uh. Then we ate and went to sleep.
Aren’t you forgetting that whole episode where the dwarf sundered a constrictor that was constricting him? Yes, yes I am. So we were in the jungle, and this snake’s all “whapow” and must’ve had some kinda shield or something because all everyone’s arrows and knives and stuff were just blomping into the ground. Then it starts around the dwarf’s feet, and he’s all “n’uh.” And goes “kerwahmsmack” and it fell dead. That guy? Tough.

Rumbles instead of Grumbles

Guess what we found today? …you mean that terrible growth in between your toes? No! I thought we discussed we wouldn’t discuss that. Ever again. But it was all- No. Just no. We found a dwarf. Are dwarves disgusting growths between one’s toes? Well- No. Just, no. Okay? Yeah. Turns out that he was left here by pirates. Pirates whom stole Mr. Grumbles! I’m sure he just left with them. I know! Its terrible! No, I mean that he willingly left with them. Well, when its go with pirates or be cut down by pirates. That’s not… Nevermind. Carry on. I will thank you very much.
Oh. So we start heading down the beach and we’re all “Hey, crabs!” and the crabs are all “Hey, snack foods!” and we jump at each other and we fight and a gnome kept on making things slick and shine like he’s got a fetish or something and we smash them all! Especially that dwarf man. He knows how to wield an axe while being tossed about by a Mr. Crabman. If I might add, my displays were quite spectacular. Well, yeah, Ms. Toots-your-own-horn. Fire is fun! Especially when you use it to take down crabfaces. Which we then ate. Yum.

Well if no one else is going to do it…
Hey! I thought we were done. If not, I’ma just keep talking.
No- Aten, that is entirely unnecessary. We are done for now.

Scary Growl, sleeping gnome

Continuing to explore the island the group becomes detoured by a tangled mess of nettles. It was then decided to go around the mess towards the west coast. A scary growling sound put the group on the defenses and they apprehensively go to explore the strange sound. As they approach the source four Will-o’-Wisp appear and buzz about a hollow tree trunk. Much to the groups relief a gnome steps out, raggedly dressed and looking a bit rumpled from just waking. Some conversation later and it discovered that the gnome, Bogliwig Wizzlewhindle, was a stowaway on the ill fated Jenivere. Deciding that being alone is deadly on this hostile island, Bogliwig ask to join the larger party of survivors.

Poison Pinata

Okay: Going to try and describe today in ten words.
Stupid ghosts, rafting, Grumbles meets Mumbles, Lobstrosity smashing, dead friends.
Oh, and snake piñata. So… twelve words. Good try anyways. Yeah, whatever. Still doesn’t make me feel any better. We shouldn’t have left them alone. You can’t save everyone. You couldn’t have expected this. No one could of have. Still doesn’t make me feel any better. I know.

Epic dolphin exploding light maneuver, GO! (3/4)

So. Casy is dead. Who would have thought? You could have a little more respect… Nah. Looks like he had the blood sucked out of him. Slurp slurp. I’m going to stop you there. …Yes miss… Jask buried him the next day while we went exploring. We found… a river thing. And an old campsite that was probably the captain’s. Evidence of his pinch there too. We decided that if we’re to get anything done, we need to move the camp more south. Probably where the captain too camp. Seems fine enough, and we can ambush him if he comes back. I mean, who wouldn’t come back for their sweet hat?

We took to coast line back up to old camp. The first ship we found, Grumbles and Nandi found some treasure (note: no one else went, because we can’t swim). The second they found skeletons. A lot of skeletons. Enough where they ran out of the hull screaming, waving their arms. So we had this epic plan. I jumped into the water, and Mr. Wizard summoned a dolphin and I rode on the back all cool and smooth and when I jumped onto the deck, I was all like, “don’t worry guys, I got this.” in a cool, tough guy voice.

Not how I remember it. I seem to remember you holding on for your dear life screaming up until the point the dolphin slapped you onto the deck, face first into the old wood and skidding about two feet.

Oh fine. Yes, that’s how it happened. I’m still pulling splinters from my face… But I was cool afterwords. I got up and was all “boom!” flashing lights. Skeleton’s dead. Then some more flashing lights. Everyone feeling good. Then I had a conversation with a skull. Interesting guy, an old pirate. Wonder why Nandi or Grumbles didn’t talk to him. Oh well. We found some old paintings. I’m sure if we ever get off this island, we’ll be mighty comfortable with wealth.

Then we got back to camp, conversed with the lazies. Turns out old man Ishi saw some kind of lights last night. We’re taking turns with the watch, checking the beach every now and again for ghosts. And they will burn in holy fire. Aww… What if they turn out friendly and just want to have a chat?_ The undead deserve no quarter. If you want to bring them peace, destroy them._ Fine fine…


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