The Fire Within

Funky little shack


So we did some more exploring of the island. We found a shack we teeth stuck in the wall. We found another boat wreck and explored it. We decided to move camp to the shack site. Borin was on watch and some weird ghost thing followed him back to camp. Luckily we managed to wake up to face this new threat. After trying unsuccessfully trying to communicate with the ghost thing we then attack and destroyed it. I had some difficulty going back to sleep after that.

In the morning Victoria told us about a treasure map. So as it is a TREASURE map, we decided to go and find out what great treasure this is to find. After digging for a bit we found a dwarf skeleton. After some more digging we found that the hill area was actually dirt on top of wood. Borin decided to break through the wood but was smart enough to use a rope in case the drop was far. The entire pit we dug collapsed under us from the mighty blow of Borins axe. Borin, Alten, and I are now all on a rope dangling in a dark pit with some kind of undead sloshing in the darkness below.



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