The Fire Within

Epic dolphin exploding light maneuver, GO! (3/4)

So. Casy is dead. Who would have thought? You could have a little more respect… Nah. Looks like he had the blood sucked out of him. Slurp slurp. I’m going to stop you there. …Yes miss… Jask buried him the next day while we went exploring. We found… a river thing. And an old campsite that was probably the captain’s. Evidence of his pinch there too. We decided that if we’re to get anything done, we need to move the camp more south. Probably where the captain too camp. Seems fine enough, and we can ambush him if he comes back. I mean, who wouldn’t come back for their sweet hat?

We took to coast line back up to old camp. The first ship we found, Grumbles and Nandi found some treasure (note: no one else went, because we can’t swim). The second they found skeletons. A lot of skeletons. Enough where they ran out of the hull screaming, waving their arms. So we had this epic plan. I jumped into the water, and Mr. Wizard summoned a dolphin and I rode on the back all cool and smooth and when I jumped onto the deck, I was all like, “don’t worry guys, I got this.” in a cool, tough guy voice.

Not how I remember it. I seem to remember you holding on for your dear life screaming up until the point the dolphin slapped you onto the deck, face first into the old wood and skidding about two feet.

Oh fine. Yes, that’s how it happened. I’m still pulling splinters from my face… But I was cool afterwords. I got up and was all “boom!” flashing lights. Skeleton’s dead. Then some more flashing lights. Everyone feeling good. Then I had a conversation with a skull. Interesting guy, an old pirate. Wonder why Nandi or Grumbles didn’t talk to him. Oh well. We found some old paintings. I’m sure if we ever get off this island, we’ll be mighty comfortable with wealth.

Then we got back to camp, conversed with the lazies. Turns out old man Ishi saw some kind of lights last night. We’re taking turns with the watch, checking the beach every now and again for ghosts. And they will burn in holy fire. Aww… What if they turn out friendly and just want to have a chat?_ The undead deserve no quarter. If you want to bring them peace, destroy them._ Fine fine…



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