The Fire Within

Everybody Does Something


So yeah, we beat those crabfaces, then were all like “oh no, its raining” and run back to camp with our new food stores. Then the dwarf is all “you know what would be real good with this crab? Meeeeead.” So he went to go look for honey. Turns out he found it. After me and Mr.Mime nearly burned down the whole jungle. Got me some berries too! All the smoke helped the dwarf with his bee problem. That and punching beehives. Apparently the best way to get honey.

Oh, then we decide to leave and make a new camp down south, because all the smoke and the lingering smell of pyromancy. You should probably get used to that. Aww… Anyways, turns out that in the next cove, there’s this huuuuuge crusty ship with a devily looking thing on the outside of it. And of course we’re all, “hey, let’s explore it!” and that’s usually when the skeletons pop out. No skeletons. Other than, you know, a dead one. It amazes me that you think a dead skeleton isn’t normal. You try getting jumped by every single dead crew we’ve ever come across. I… I have. I’ve been here with you the whole time. Even when that one stabbed you. Not talking about that. Talking about how he had some kinda coffer thing in his hands, and the paperwork we foun that ended up being important to that Jask guy.

So me and the other halfling return to camp while the otehrs try to dismantle the brass mantle. Later Vicky opens up the coffer, and there’s a cool knife inside! Yeah. Uh. Then we ate and went to sleep.
Aren’t you forgetting that whole episode where the dwarf sundered a constrictor that was constricting him? Yes, yes I am. So we were in the jungle, and this snake’s all “whapow” and must’ve had some kinda shield or something because all everyone’s arrows and knives and stuff were just blomping into the ground. Then it starts around the dwarf’s feet, and he’s all “n’uh.” And goes “kerwahmsmack” and it fell dead. That guy? Tough.


HA you know a better way of gathering honey, I’d like to hear it. Just you wait till you sample the finest dwarven mead on the island. It’s been too long since I’ve had a proper drink! How long’s it been?…2 days!

Everybody Does Something

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