The Fire Within

lessons learned


We decided on checking out more of the island. Bogliwig got all heroic and led the way. The halfling got his sarcastic on.

Coming to the edge of a clearing, the local flora appear to be yellowed and dying. Zombie plants? There’s definitely something not quite right about the plant – something not quite plant like about it. Bogliwig (ever intelligent) ate some of one of these things and got sprayed with pollen. (these are yellow musk zombies). After killing a few zombies, Borin walks just a wee bit too close to the momma plant and gets brain tendriled (and got less smart). Victoria retrieved her daggers and found a sapphire gem. But then she didn’t feel so well, kinda like Bogliwig.

We wandered around the beach for a while, found a few shelters and a few more zombies who were dispached without significant issue (ie an all out encounter). We decided to make camp. With five 90 minute watches. And Aten is taking the witching hour watch.


I did not eat some of the yellow stuff. I very scientifically tasted a wee bit and then spit it out. I wasn’t sprayed either. Make me sound all crazy like I randomly eat strange things. It is beyond you comprehension what I did, that’s all.

lessons learned

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