The Fire Within

Rumbles instead of Grumbles


Guess what we found today? …you mean that terrible growth in between your toes? No! I thought we discussed we wouldn’t discuss that. Ever again. But it was all- No. Just no. We found a dwarf. Are dwarves disgusting growths between one’s toes? Well- No. Just, no. Okay? Yeah. Turns out that he was left here by pirates. Pirates whom stole Mr. Grumbles! I’m sure he just left with them. I know! Its terrible! No, I mean that he willingly left with them. Well, when its go with pirates or be cut down by pirates. That’s not… Nevermind. Carry on. I will thank you very much.
Oh. So we start heading down the beach and we’re all “Hey, crabs!” and the crabs are all “Hey, snack foods!” and we jump at each other and we fight and a gnome kept on making things slick and shine like he’s got a fetish or something and we smash them all! Especially that dwarf man. He knows how to wield an axe while being tossed about by a Mr. Crabman. If I might add, my displays were quite spectacular. Well, yeah, Ms. Toots-your-own-horn. Fire is fun! Especially when you use it to take down crabfaces. Which we then ate. Yum.

Well if no one else is going to do it…
Hey! I thought we were done. If not, I’ma just keep talking.
No- Aten, that is entirely unnecessary. We are done for now.


So, who has the fetish? The one who only remembers the grease(used to make them fall down) or the one who remembers there was also acid globs flying at the giant crabs as well. I think I have made my point. :) Silly little half man.

Rumbles instead of Grumbles

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