The Fire Within

So its been awhile

But we had our hands full

Let’s start with the spore demon. I mean what the heck? Sure we’ve seen some spooky and weird things like skeletons, giant snakes and watery skeletons, but Plant Skeletons? I have a feeling this whole place is kinda spooky. Wonder if it has anything to do with that spooky island. Some dude from a journal would agree, but we haven’t gotten there yet.
So the spore demon: Its all like “I be make you zombieeeeezzzzzz,” and we’re all “Nope.” I mean, ShozzliTheBozzli did get pretty sick because he thought eating flowers was a good idea (talking to too many cows I guess), and Dwarface did get some tentacles all up in him (he still wasn’t feeling well from the whole goo ghouls either, poor dude), but yeah, we took that thing and all its people zombies DOWN. Yeah. We were feeling pretty good about that. And why were there in the first place? Boggliz wanted to explore more of the island in case we missed anything. Well? We did. And we were lucky. Stupid gnomes and their stupid gnome noses sniffing out things they shouldn’t.

Anyway. We slept on the shore in some little shanties. No water guy looking for Ishimara. Guess that’s fine, though I’d like to get the whole thing over with.

Next day, despite everyone (but me. Picture o’ health I am) feeling a little ill, we head west! Along the shore, following trouble. Didn’t you just- No. Hush. It led us through the jungle a little south, and then we hit a road. The wind went along with it, so we followed. Then I stepped on a trap, and it flew me off into a tree. Real mean thing. Maybe you should pay more attention. We did after that! I mean, no one wants to get thrown into spikes. Or hauled up to be eaten like Vikkie.

Oh yeah, Victoria gets into a trap on accident while she was trying to disarm it and gets pulled up a cliff (oh yeah, there was these big cliff walls because we were in some kinda thing. I dunno) and all us men types are all “Hoo-rah” And climb the cliff after her. No-tongue shoots some flaming arrows at a guy’s house. None of us felt bad because he was trying to eat Vikkie, who ended up just clobbering the dude. So we took him hostage. Then we found another house, and it turned out these people were cannibals. Eww. Such detestable creatures. You are free to slaughter the lot. Oh, that, um…

So anyways, turns out there’s this whole conspiracy and a woman who took control of the natives and they all went to the spooky island (maybe it was a cool place to begin with) and started messin’ round with the dark arts and that’s probably why there’s all the undead! Too many bad vibes. Oh, a book told us this. We weren’t clever enough to figure it out on our own. Shrug.



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