The Fire Within

Things as best as I can remember

And that's not saying much

Let’s see… Oh yeah. A couple days ago, we were all chillin’ at the sugah shack (which has no sugar ): ) with our new bud (didn’t get his name, but he was one of the cannibals) and some of these cannibal dudes were totally jelly of us, so they attacked us and stole him. And just because they’re jerks, they stole all our other lazy friends too! So of course we got to go chase them down, and we did despite it being the middle of the night and everyone being sick and stuff.

So several traps later we’re hours down the road, deep in the jungle when we hear something coming. So we hop in a bush (an, as time would tell, always bad plan) and sort of ambush more of these cannibal dudes! We… kind of hide them? And then we keep going! Because we got people to save, right? And there we get! An old lighthouse, a bunch of half naked dudes and some skeletons. While we’re sneaking up, I get this plan in my head “We should totes release those skeletons on the dudes!” So we hop into a bush, and it doesn’t work, because we hopped into a bush AND ANYTHING AFTER THAT NEVER WORKS.

So we have to fight all these dudes, and we get all the ones that were there, but me and Fo-Bozzli were zonked out from all our heroic manuvers that were faulty and foolhardy, but that’s why they were epic. And then to awake dudes hear some more naked dudes up the road and grab us little people and bolt. Then we all take some kind of magic nap and get some new stuff. We should do that more.

So, we all feeling tight and fresh the next day and I’m like “We still got to save the dudes! So we go back to the lighthouse camp and sneak through the bushes (note that this was not hiding in the bushes) and then we kick all their scantly clad butts! Yeah. Then we saved all the dudes, examined the camp, got some loot and found a hole. First thing we think to do is go in, so we do. And good thing! There were weird zombie-things down there, as well as a mama-ghoul and some kind of ruined temple place where we found the undead captain of the boat me and the Vik-mister showed up on, and we put him down. And then someone (not me, I wouldn’t touch a dead-undead body. Gross) found some kind of note that told us it was the captain (opps, ruined the surprise) and it had some really important stuff! Like that the woman we thought he had eloped with was actually a terrible person and probably made all the ghoulies and stuff. And inside the temple thing, which had its doors totally blown up with some hardcore magics, had some kind of inscription that we later deciphered and it had a serious-fro-beerious ritual on it.

Then everyone’s like We gotta stop this b-nasty before she can be nasty so we rushed over to the scary mountain that has all the lightning strikes and cross a bridge. For some reason we thought it was going to be much worse than it actually was. Then we get to an alter thing, kill a goat sucker (that was suspiciously not sucking goats) and we totally stole all his sweet loot. It was sweet. Then we investigated the rest of the mountain, but decided to go back to the altar place because it was interesting and where the footprint trail ended (duuuuh). At the shore! So we went in there, and almost got eaten by sharks. BUT INSTEAD WE ATE THEM.

I forgot the rest.

Then here we are at the now!


I have to say, the language in this particular journal is odd. Perhaps too much dwarven ale? Too many knocks on the head? Thanks for the update though. :)

Things as best as I can remember

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