The Fire Within

Victoria's Ponderings

Got a note from some bloke, Dargin Etters. Wants to meet me. No idea why.

Continuing to hang out at the Inn with Aten, waiting on the others. Picking up some odd jobs here and there.

Sasha’s in a bit of a bind. Somethng about Saventh Yhi and Red Mantis Society who have kidnapped her mother. She wants us to lead the expedition to find the final location of the Savenh Yhi. She has some information about this long lost city that is fabled to be full of treasure.

Went to the address on the note from Etters. Some office in a warehouse. Dunno why the guy thought I’d drag everyone there to meet with him together, but he did. Seems as though Ishirou told him about us. Nice guy, giving us such a reference. They need a sort of guard to lead an expedition to recover and control some ancient ruins. The trick is that the location of the ruins is not exactly well known and the area is potentially dangerous – maybe even hazardous. He’s offering scrolls, potions, etc from their stock (up to 500 gp worth). Name of the place is Saventh Yhi. We’d be working for some trade consortium that specializes in trading with native peoples.

Looks like this Saventh Yhi place is pretty popular.



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