The Fire Within

A Day at the Beach (2/19)

Well that was boring. We just kind of ran around the skinny edge of the island. Though probably better than listen to all those other people complain all day… We did fight (or rather watched Nandi murder) some leathery bird things though. And we saw an old ship. It was pretty much a piece of crap. Oh! And a creepy island. Its very creepy. And some kind of giant snake skin. Also creepy.
More creepier was that apparently Mr. Knight has been missing all day. Without his armor. Not a good sign. Neither are the giant blood puddle or drag marks in the wet ground. And! Despite it being a terrible idea. We are investigating tonight! To find whoever did this and possibly watch Nandi murder it. And save the paladin. And save Mr. Knight. Who is apparently a paladin.

Sand, Ships and Spankings (2/5)

So. As it turns out we’ve been marooned! Some kind of island or another with a strange and foreboding name. We washed up on ashore, a little dizzy. Probably from the drink. I know what drunk feels like. This was a bit different. Well you should stop anyways. Anyway, we awoke on the shore with some kind of lobstrocities trying to eat us (we ate them instead). The other passengers were there, and they don’t remember a thing either.
Not everyone though. On board the breaking Jenivere, we found Alton Devers dead (stabbbbbbed in the chest), and Rambar Terillo the cook was poisoned by some kind of snake (and not the kind you get from eating one). No evidence of the captain or his squeeze, Ileana. Well, we took what we could from the wreckage and built a raft (and isn’t it just fine!) and hauled the goods back to shore. Then there was a storm and we moved a bit into the jungle so were weren’t washed away.
And we made camp. Well, I made camp. Everyone else just made a fire and talked most the night. Argued most the night? I dunno. Nandi and Sasha had lady scar bonding, Vikki and Aerys had stubborn non-bonding, although the girl did take a shine onto Jask. He seems alright, though I’m sure he’s not telling us everything. Regardless, we unshackled him because otherwise he would just be in the way I guess. Its good to help a fellow priest. Have you seen me give a sermon? I am by no means a priest. I just help people. All the same. Ugh.
Anyway. Mr. Grumbles grumbled at us you the whole time and Ishirou made fun of us you. Not as much as the gnome. Although I don’t think it was the best course of action while trying to survive in the jungle, anywhere else I would have agreed to Nandi’s punishment. Demeaning someone like that isn’t a proper form of punishment. I does not allow one to grow in character in any other way other than resentment. Made me a fine chap, didn’t it? Hello?
Uhh… And then everyone slept. Any then we had a little discussion about why you didn’t tell me about any of this. Do you really think I know? I am as much suprised by this as you are, although I had my doubts about you becoming a pioneer doctor. What’s that supposed to mean? I didn’t think they’d send me just to be a pioneer doctor. Oooo. All high an mighty are we? Hush. As much as you don’t want to be here, neither do I. Fine fine. Looks like our shift is up.

Things we know (1/22)
First Impressions

So! Interesting folks. I’m not entirely sure any of them actually enjoying being on a boat, but they all seem decent enough. Sherfin seems to keep to himself. Literate, despite his brutal looks. Probably keeping tabs on us or something, considering how secretive he is. Speaking of secrets, Victoria, odd girl trying to get me drunk and all despite you being entirely drunk already well sure. But she is transporting some kind of box. Some kind. She wouldn’t explain it. Maybe we didn’t ask. Maybe she didn’t. My nose says shifty.

Mandi and Morant seemed to hit something off, the former being a young woman returning home after some “not good.” So she’s running from something. To something. Who knows. Maybe Morant. He’s some kind of low noble looking into his lands I guess. I’m very surprised to see you remembered all this. Psh. I also remembered he is a linguist. Intelligent, I guess. Probably should be with noble learnings and all. Though I doubt anyone was as thoughtful as Casy. He sat in the corner most the night, listening. Didn’t even notice him, despite his otherwise proper presence. Few words from him. What he did say made sense. Explained himself quite a bit. A man of action over words. This should be an interesting voyage yet!


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