Character Backgrounds

Please reference the Pathfinder SRD

Starting out with an Epic point buy system (25 points), you are encouraged to avoid the following classes:

Monks are acceptable if you have a really good character concept or decent idea for a backstory.

Please develop a rough idea for a backstory. We don’t need an essay, but a 1 or 2 line description would help frame your character’s mood and motivations. It’s at least a start.

Please also consider some sort of flaw for the character. This can be a physical, emotional, or mental affliction or otherwise undesirable trait that can manifest itself at any time. Chronic or acute, this can be something that the hero may eventually overcome, either by quest or by therapy. It really shouldn’t affect combat directly, it should exist to give the character some additional color. This is not a requirement, but highly suggested.

Please make sure the characters are uploaded and entered here.

Character Backgrounds

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